PKCS#11 Implementations

PKCS#11 Smartcards

Litronic Forté

ActivIdentity Smartcards


Giesecke & Devrient STARCOS SPK 2.3

Algorithmic Research - PrivateCard

SPYRUS® Products: The Rosetta® Smart Card

SafeNet Smartcards

Axalto CyberFlex
Axalto e-gate Smart Cards

PKCS#11 USB Tokens

Algorithmic Research - MiniKey

SafeNet: iKey 2032
SafeNet: iKey 1000

Aladdin eToken

Eutron's CryptoIdentity

SPYRUS® Products: Rosetta USB

ActivIdentity USB Keys

Axalto e-gate USB token


Evidian TrustWay RCI

Kobil mIDentity

PKCS#11 Soft token

Mozilla Open Source pkcs#11-implementation Netscape's Soft token


Chrysalis-ITS Luna2
Chrysalis-ITS LunaCA3  (according to Chrysalis-ITS: The new version is a PCMCIA card with our own card reader that is connected to the host through a PCI card. The previous version used the same PCMCIA card with an ISA- or SCSI-based two-slot card reader connected to the host.)

SafeNet: Luna PCM

PKCS#11 PCI-boards

Eracom Protectserver Blue
Eracom Protectserver Orange
Eracom Protectserver Gold

nFast PCI cryptographic accelerators

IBM PCI Cryptographic Coprocessor

SafeNet: Luna PCI HSM

Evidian TrustWay Cryptocard
Evidian TrustWay Apache (SSL acceleration for Apache)

PKCS#11 SCSI-devices

nCipher products

PKCS#11 Hardware Security Modules

SafeNet: Luna CA3
SafeNet: Luna PCI HSM



MUSCLE Smartcard Developers

PKI token evaluation report

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