Inventory of the locations of GSM masts

On this page I try to make an inventory of the locations GSM masts. The mobile operators keep the locations of GSM masts a secret. Every GSM mast sends its Cell ID, and it is possible to read this Cell ID of the nearest-by mast on your GSM. By gathering these Cell IDs with accompanying locations and by putting them into a database, it should be possible to read out your current location on your GSM. With this information it is possible to make location based applications using your GSM.

How can YOU co-operate?
Note down the Cell ID of your GSM together with the accompanying location (address / postcode / railway-station/ metro-station / highway-exit / GPS-lokation) and add this in the Cell ID-database of your country. Currently these countries are gathering Cell IDs:

NL The Netherlands
UK United-Kingdom
FR France

if your country is not listed and you would like to join this effort for your country, please send me (janus @ an email.

That's all! To add Cell IDs follow the link 'voeg Cell ID toe'

How do I read the Cell ID out of my GSM?

  • Nokia: read with netmonitor (activate from logomanager) menu 11, the number behind CID .
  • Sagem: in the menu press * (this is monitor mode 1) find ou your imei code, forget of this the first 6 digits and the last digit. You will keep 8 digits left. Input it as if it was a telephonenumber *12345678 a press OK (12345678 is ofcourse the stripped imei) Again go to monitor mode and see your network. (this is monitormode 2) also look at the Sagem tricks
  • Maxon MN-1: With code *#9911# The display shows 'L1 Debug on'. With the same code you swith this off again.
Other methods to gather Cell IDs: Netmonitor gives the possibility to generate logfiles (even with GPS-information). Send me (janus @ these logfiles, so I can convert them to the database!

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